Friday, 5 April 2013

Shop till you... find something. Anything.

Today I went on my first post-pregnancy shopping trip. Actually it was my second one, but the first time I went to town I wasn't in the mood at all and I ended up in a bookstore (which is always nice of course, but not entirely the purpose of my trip). This time I went with my sister to one specific shop. I'm happy with what I ended up with, but boy, this was one very interesting afternoon. I think I'll have no choice but to invest in some nice shapewear. I've never had problems with how I look, but I have to admit that pregnancy was somewhat devastating. I gained A LOT of weight, especially at the end, and in the last month stretch marks popped up practically everywhere. So trying on clothes was a whole different experience, compared to what it was before (our boys are only two months apart). Luckily my sister is going through the same, so there was a lot of support (and giggles).

And then we treated ourselves to some shameless shopping for our little boys.

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