Saturday, 6 April 2013

Change is good, ... isn't it?

In the eleven weeks I am a mother now, I've learned that the moment I tell someone my son usually does this or that, he changes up everything. So two days ago he went to daycare for the first time, a few hours to get used to it (he had great fun, I sobbed the whole way to the supermarket). I told them that he's a very restless sleeper and prefers to lay on his belly. I usually rock him a little until his eyes stay more or less closed. Maybe not the best habit ever, but hey, it's my first time, he'll grow up anyway.

So right after his bottle they put him on his belly and haven't heard him for at least an hour. So far my concerns. Yesterday my sister told me how many layers she puts on her son when he goes to sleep. I decided to try an extra layer at night and he slept through the night as if he never had done differently. I won't hold my breath though, 'cause tonight he might change his mind again. And since we bought a sensor mat, so he could sleep on his belly during the night, he decided his back was fine too.

Oh well. He's adorably cute. At least that doesn't change.

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